Trade Fairs (Exhibitions)

AA- Trade Fairs inside IRAN
We familiarize our foreign clients who intend to participate in the Iranian Trade Fairs with details of the governing rules and regulations and then provide the client with a timetable, action plan and finally the costs involved.

To participate in an Iranian trade fair, once the client signs the contract with the Trade Fair Administration and understands and approves our offer, he/she advises his/her boot details to us enabling us to obtain the necessary permits from the customs.


Custom formalities and regulations depend on the mode of transport.

  • - If a cargo is intended to be transported by sea, it should arrive Bandar Abbas
  • - at least 20 days prior to the opening of the Fair, if delayed by 5 days an extra
  • - %10 would be added to our charges and if delayed by 10 days, and extra
  • - %20 would be added to our rates. For delays over 10 days, we would charge
  • - %20 extra but would not guarantee on time arrival.
  • - If a cargo is intended to be carried by air, it should arrive at least 10 days prior to the fair opening to Imam Khomeini Airport  (IKA). If delayed by 5 days, an extra %20 would be added to our rates and for delays over 5 days the extra charge would be% 25. This includes cargoes arriving at least 48 hours prior to the Fair opening. If arrived later than that, we can not guarantee timely delivery to the Fair.
  • - If a cargo is intended to be carried by direct truck arriving into the exhibition ground, it should arrive at least 4 days prior to the opening and offloaded in the Fair's custom house. If delayed by 2 days, an extra charge of% 10 would be applied. If arrived alter than that (less than 48 hours) while a %20 extra charge would apply, we can not guarantee timely arrival to the fair.


Trade Fairs (Exhibitions)

Custom Guarantees:
As per Iranian customs regulation, a bank guaranty equivalent to% 50 of the value of cargo should be presented to the customs for temporary clearance of the goods. A guarantee letter from the Embassy is also acceptable.
After completion of the exhibition, the guaranty, or embassy's letter would be released within 10 days after the same cargo exits the country.
If the company attending the fair can not provide any of these and requires us to do it, an additional% 25 would be added to our rates. Attendant should also submit a letter guarantying that he/she would not sell the cargo/commodity in the exhibition
As per regulations, each attendant can sell his cargo/commodity after the completion of the exhibition, in which case the seller should present a receipt letter

To us, so that we deliver the cargo to the customs and the buyer picks it up from there.
If the above is not observed, the seller can not exit the country until he/she pays full
Customs duties including penalties.
Moreover, as per ATA Convention, cargoes arriving in Iran under ATA
Carnet tir for exhibition purpose, can not be sold.


Required Documents:
Bill of Lading, Invoice, Certificate of Origin and Packing List.

Service Tariffs:
Service rates would be calculated and advised based on the cargo descriptions and method of shipment.


We were the first company to open the route to Armenia, after break down of the Soviet Union by carrying 75 exhibition consignments by sea, air land and combination, crossing very hard to pass roads by Iranian trucks to Yerevan.
We were also the first company to re-open the route to Bosnia, Slovenia and Zagreb through Iran after the division of the Balkan Area.
We have also transported several consignments to Japan, Korea, Chile, Mexico and Panama, by multimodal means, round trip and without any delay.
Last but not Least, we are one of the few forwarder /carriers on the list of the Iranian International Exhibition Company.
Serving you we would prove to be reliable and economical.